by Linda Tothova, Policy Assistant Brussels Office

The Council’s conclusions, following the “very busy and very important” Foreign Affairs Council, indicate that the EU is attempting to stand firm in a geopolitical storm despite the recent controversies.

The FAC occupied itself primarily with two burning issues: the future EU-Russia relations, and the trajectory of the Union’s cooperation with the United States. …

by Jacques Bughin, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at MachaonAdvisory; Venture Partner at Antler; Senior Advisor to Fortino; and Board Member of STOA at the European Parliament

By January 2021, the current sanitary situation of Europe remains challenging. The risk of a third pandemic wave of the COVID-19 is becoming visible — in part linked to emerging mutations of the virus that accelerate the risk of contagion among the European population. One promising light at the end of the tunnel has been the discovery of rather effective vaccines leveraging messenger RNA to trigger the immune system to produce antibodies —…

by Lucia Rybnikárová*

Ever since the PESCO framework was launched in 2017, EU member states had proven unable to broker consensus on rules permitting third country participation in joint defence projects. But now, after nearly three years, on October 28th, the EU finally overcame this impasse.

An assessment of EU defence capabilities and the range of threats confronting the EU underpins a shared understanding that a more robust European defence is only possible in cooperation with strategic allies and partners. …

On February 12, GLOBSEC will host a conversation with U.S. Secretary of State Micahel R. Pompeo entitled The Legacy of 1989: Courage to be Free. Secretary Pompeo will engage with an audience of young Slovak leaders and students to consider the impressive economic growth and democratic progress the country has achieved over the past three decades as a member of the transatlantic community, and discuss the challenges and opportunities for the future.

During his visit to Slovakia, the Secretary of State will also meet with President Andrej Kiska, Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini and Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčák to discuss the…

By Katarína Klingová

A new report by Slovak think tank GLOBSEC captures the complexity of Central European perceptions of geopolitics, EU and NATO membership, as well as the end of Communist regimes by looking at different age groups.

Generation Trends also highlights the tendency to believe in conspiracies. “The data from our public opinion polls clearly show that belief in various conspiracies is a phenomenon alluring all age groups. Thus, threats and the impact of disinformation must be communicated both to the young as well older generations,” says Katarína Klingová, a Senior Research Fellow at GLOBSEC.

The generational focus of…

By Kinga Brudzińska

Think tanks should operate along the same lines as a Michelin-starred restaurant. These tend not have vast menus and shy away from serving big portions on equally big plates (think long reports). Instead, the world’s best restaurants serve small portions of high-quality food on suitably modest crockery (short, succinct and concise policy papers). To make an impact, a think tank’s outcomes and deliverables should be in a “digestible” format and consist of a set of recommendations that not only set goals but also show how to get there. As good service is key for a well-functioning restaurant…

It’s been a busy start to 2019 for the GLOBSEC Policy Institute’s Defence and Security team. The first week back after the Christmas saw the publication of the latest report for GLOBSEC’s From Criminals to Terrorists and Back?,a project which has undoubtedly attracted significant media coverage over the past year or so. From Criminals To Terrorists And Back? Quarterly Report: France, vol. 2 revisits previous analysis and offers some compelling statistics concerning French jihadists.

GLOBSEC is naturally delighted that the latest volume immediately made waves in international media, as demonstrated by coverage from BBC, NBC, Euronews and Sky News Arabia

GLOBSEC is partnering with the Cyber Readiness Index 2.0 (CRI) team at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies (PIPS) — a Washington D.C.-based think tank — to develop a CRI-based assessment of Slovakia. In doing so, our Policy Institute will work with the methodology created by Melissa Hathaway, a leading expert in cyberspace policy who served in two U.S. presidential administrations, spearheading the Cyberspace Policy Review for President Barack Obama and the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI) for President George W. Bush. The joint team will develop an in-depth analysis of Slovakia’s cybersecurity-related efforts and capabilities based on the CRI…

EP Elections and Beyond: Active Participation of EU citizens at All Levels

On November 29–30, 24 young leaders from 9 European countries (Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Austria, France, Greece, FYROM and Italy), 4 partner representatives, 4 esteemed speakers and several GLOBSEC team-members immersed themselves in the complicated task of assessing the current state of our European Union. This was also the ideal opportunity to discuss next steps forward and draft realistic recommendations for European decision-makers, national policymakers, as well as civic and business communities. …

By Kinga Brudzińska

December promises to be a busy month for EU leaders, with one final summit to squeeze in before they head home for Christmas. Apart from agreeing on a road map for the common deposit insurance scheme not much else is expected from the final gathering of 2018. Time then to reflect on lessons learned for a common currency that turns 20 on January 1st.

Lesson №1: Love-Hate = Business as Usual

While some Europeans regard the euro as a success story that has contributed to the creation of a single European identity, others view it as “the…


GLOBSEC is a global think-tank committed to enhancing security, prosperity and sustainability in Europe and throughout the world.

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